Milner, Dennis

Dennis Milner was born on 17th June 1924 in London, UK, and signed up to join the Royal Air Force during the latter half of world war two. After the war, grants were offered to service men and women whose education had been interrupted and Dennis took advantage of this and went to Queen Mary College to study Physics. Dennis chose to study Physics because it seemed to offer the means to understand the world.

After finishing his degree Dennis Milner went to work at Birmingham University as a metallurgist, eventually gaining the degree of Doctor of Science (D.Sc.). However, although physics could explain physical processes, science couldn’t explain the important experiences he’d had in life, especially the comradeship he felt with others during the war.

To satisfy these unexplained “physical” things Dennis Milner and a colleague, Ted Smart, embarked on additional research alongside their metallurgy work; they decided to research the meaning of life. Dennis and Ted made significant progress and gave a set of lectures in the early 70’s which generated interest.

In 1976, they published their first book “The Loom of Creation”, and gained funding to take on 3 young researchers, Brian Meredith, Andrew McNeil and Harry Dean, to progress the work. The group produced fascinating results and insights, resulting in the publication of their second book, “Explorations of Consciousness”.

After Brian, Harry and Andy left, Dennis Milner and Ted continued the work, gradually putting together the intriguing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. When Ted passed away, Dennis continued on his own creating an anthology called “Kosmos”, which included significant new content.

Dennis Milner made his transition on 23rd November 2011 after a long and fruitful life.