Hunt, Victoria

Victoria Hunt is a previously published author with Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing, which book, Animal Omens, was published in July of 2008. Having always had a profound love and personal connection with the world of nature, she resumed her studies of metaphysics and earth spirituality over sixteen years ago after an extended absence.

Victoria Hunt is a self-taught teacher of Celtic based Earth-Centered Spirituality and teaches out of her studio, Grove of the Red Hawk. She is a third level Reiki Master who includes intuitive counseling in her Reiki practice. As an ultra-sensitive, she has always enjoyed a life among the energies of a different reality. The ability to shift awareness and the gift of second sight runs far back in her family history.

Victoria Hunt has expanded her psychic abilities by studying under the same style taught at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. She holds a minister’s license through the U.L.Church, teaches workshops on faeries and working with energy, and gives intuitive readings using the Norse, Elder Futhark, Runes.

From 2004 to 2005, Victoria Hunt self-published a metaphysical newsletter entitled The File, (pronounced Fée Lyee in Irish Gaelic) and has organized and lead Celtic based celebrations and rituals.

Victoria Hunt was born in a hospital at the foot of the fifth highest mountain peak in California, Mt. Shasta, which is known for its energy vortex and its sacred spiritual nature. Her first professional involvement in writing was in High School when her poetry was published in the creative writing journal The Paper Whisper. After that, writing for personal pleasure, college writing classes and letters to the editor was her primary sources. In October 2004 she self-published a bi-monthly newsletter entitled The File (pronounced fee’lee in Irish Gaelic), until October 2005.

Victoria Hunt is personally involved in the book by the fact that eighteen of the stories are of her personal experiences.

Victoria Hunt made her transition on June 17, 2014.