Cheung, Albert

Master Albert Cheung is a scholar and teacher on the subject of Chinese Metaphysics. His interest in the subject dates back to early school days when he discovered that scientific phenomena go much deeper than causality: the day to day cause and effect of things in life. Because of his passion and keen interest in the subject of Chinese ancient wisdom and culture, he has made it a lifetime mission in sharing, promoting and spreading various applicable subjects like the I-Ching, Astrology, the Art of War, and Feng Shui in the form of simple tools to be easily applied in our everyday life.

To share his knowledge and skills on the subjects with the world, he has created and designed a wide range of useful tools, including books: the I-Ching tarot, the I-Ching pictorial guide, the Strategy and Tactics (card and book set), and the Emperor’s Stargate. In 2002, Master Albert Cheung was awarded the Innovative Entrepreneur Award (by the Junior Chamber of commerce) for his innovative design of the I-Ching Tarot (innovative creation of the 64 I-Ching pictures on tarot cards as a tool of divination as well as inspiration and enlightenment).

He is currently a visiting lecturer at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a Chinese university teaching subjects on I-Ching, the Art of War, Astrology and Creativity Methods. He also writes articles for magazines, periodicals and is frequently interviewed on television for prediction of events and views on things in the aspect of Chinese acient wisdom. Master Albert Cheung was interviewed on CNN for 2 consecutive years – 2006 and 2007 – to give his prediction on local and world events. And recently (2011), he was on CNN again for an interview on Prince William’s wedding.